5 Inspirational sales movies for entrepreneurs

5 Inspirational sales movies for entrepreneurs

We all need some inspiration. Whether it be movies, books, TV series or something else. Below I've listed 5 of the most inspirational movies I've seen. Need a boost? Give them a watch!


A really inspirational movie about Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers. It tells a story about personal struggles and Joy going on to patent hundreds of inventions and make millions.

Joy trailer

The Founder

The Founder tells the story about how Ray Kroc built and grew McDonald's. Partnering with the McDonald brothers and opening franchises and eventually buying out the brothers from the contract to become a millionaire. And I think we all know that it didn't end there.

You may not like Ray a lot after watching this. But the grit he shows pushing through is next level. He's also doing it fairly late in life which shows that age isn't a big deal.

The Founder trailer

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. The movie tells the story about his, with lack of better words, intense way to the top. Jordan may not be the best role model for entrepreneurs, but the story is nevertheless exciting.

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer

The Social Network

The Social Network tells the story about how Facebook was created. It follows the characters playing Marc Zuckerberg,  Eduardo Saverin, Sean Parker and more in order to tell a quite fascinating story about how they got started and eventually grew it into an enourmous business. Whether you like Facebook or not, this is a masterpiece and definitely worth a watch.

Apart from being a brilliant movie, it also has an awesome soundtrack for deep work. Check it out!

The Social Network trailer


Moneyball may not be directly sales or even entrepreneurial. But, in this movie we get to follow Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane with the odds totally stacked against him, having the Baseball World Series lowest salary bill.

It sure shows you how thinking differently can allow you to get an upper hand on your competitors.

Moneyball trailer

Keep going

I hope you'll enjoy these movies and that they give you energy and motivation to keep going. 💪