A CRM For Indie Makers

A CRM For Indie Makers

Finding first customers for a side project can be hard. Really hard. Especially if you're like me. An engineer.

For years I neglected sales as something trivial, or even useless. But I have realized now that this has cost me dearly. Because I understood that sometimes, a little sales is all it takes to be able to work on your thing full time.

For me this meant doing cold email outreach to find sponsors for my design newsletter Pixels. And when the first person said yes to paying me a couple of hundred dollars for sponsoring a newsletter, I couldn't believe it. 🀯

Now I want to help you experience the same. That's why I decided to make an exception to my otherwise strong opinion about not having per-seat pricing for Wobaka. Because I really want Wobaka to be a great CRM for indie makers. To help you get those first customers for your side project, without dark magic and growth hacks. Just sales. Like, you know, how normal businesses do it.

πŸ₯ Say hello to the starter plan! It allows you to get up and running and use all of Wobaka's features. Contact pipeline overview, notes, tasks, email integration, analytics and more. It's priced at $29 per month (or $290 per year) which should pay for itself quickly when you open your eyes to doing sales. You can start your free trial here.

So get to it! Add a few leads, send some emails, and don't forget to add tasks to follow up. I hope that you will experience what I did. 😊

Also, I'm on Twitter @drikerf and I love to talk about this stuff :)!