Better Automations, Shareable Filters and More!

Better Automations, Shareable Filters and More!

We're almost a month into 2022 and what kind of CRM system would we be if we didn't have some new shiny features to share. New automation status for better analytics, fallbacks for merge tags, shareable filters and an improved contact importer. The best part? We're just gettinig started!

✨ New automation status

New automations status

When a contact replies to your email automation you can now mark it as Replied. This is a handy way of getting better statistics for your automation campaigns.

Marking an automation as replied works in a similar way as cancelling an automation and will cancel all future emails from being sent to the contact. You can also mark Completed automations as replied if you want to include them as such in your statistics. But don't worry, if you don't they'll still just show up as completed as they always have.

🙊 Fallbacks for merge tags

Avoid those awkward blanks when you use a merge tag that doesn't exist on a contact. With merge tags fallbacks you can write things like Hey {{contact.first-name|folks}}! and Wobaka will automagically use the text after | if the contact doesn't have the attribute.

We've also added a tag for the contacts website, {{}} and are excited to continue to improve merge tags this year.

👀 Shareable filters

Contact filters are now automagically added to the URL so you can easily save and share links to lists of contacts with your team ✨.

💾 Import custom attributes and mailing address

You can now import custom contact attributes. This makes it super easy to import and save any kind of information on contacts. We've also added the sought after Mailing Address attribute so you can add a physical address to your contacts.

🌲 New pricing

After years of improvements we've decided to raise our monthly price to $99 per month, but don't worry, you get to keep the price and plan you signed up on for as long as you want ❤️.

We've also made tons of small improvements to make everything run smoothly. What do you think we should work on next? Let us know! 🤗


Have you checked out our new help docs? Head over to for tons of guides and tips and tricks on how to up your CRM game.