Better automations, tasks and notes

Better automations, tasks and notes

It's time for another changelog and I think many of you have been waiting for this one. You can now tag contacts and create tasks and opportunities in automations. And that's not all, you can now have all your todos in Wobaka as tasks no longer requires a contact. We've also made a bunch of improvements to both tasks and notes that I think you'll love.

Keep reading for more details, or head straight to Wobaka and try it out yourself.

🔥 Tags, tasks and opportunities in automations

This is a big one. You can now automate creation of tasks and opportunities and tagging of contacts. Keep reading for more details about each of these new steps.

New automation steps
New automation steps

🏷️ Tagging contacts in automations

Tagging contacts in an automation makes it easy to segment your contact list. You can for example add tags like outreach started at the beginning of an automation flow and finish it with outreach no reply . This makes it dead simple to stay on top of things, and even schedule follow up campaigns to your no-replies.

✅ Creating tasks in automations

Creating tasks in automations allows you to add manual steps like Send SMS or Reach out on LinkedIn. You can also do things like add a reminder to follow up some number of days after the automation finished. You can assign a specific user, or let it be assigned to the user who started the automation.

💰 Adding opportunities to a pipeline

You can now create automation steps that adds opportunities to one of your pipelines. All the things that works when creating opportunities manually works here too. Assign a specific user or let it be assigned to the user who started the automation, set your deal value, currency etc. It's all here.

🤯 More than just email

Another cool thing about this is that automations are more than just email flows now. Creating flows like:

  1. Add opportunity to pipeline
  2. Tag contact
  3. Set a follow up reminder due in 1 week

Makes it easy to tailor and automate your everyday workflows. Adding email sending makes it even more powerful. Exciting stuff!

✨ Better tasks and notes

I know many of you have been waiting for this so I'm extra excited about this one. You can now create tasks that aren't tied to a certain contact. So now you can use Wobaka to keep track of all your tasks like Import contacts to Wobaka and Create a new outreach campaign. Pretty sweet right?

And that's not all. You can also inline edit task descriptions, reschedule and assign users directly in the main tasks view. Just click the description to edit, the date to reschedule and the user avatar to the right to re-assign.

And there's more! For those of you who prefer to work with keyboard shortcuts, you can now submit notes and task edits with cmd+enter .

Inline edit tasks

🔮 What's next?

As usual, we've got a bunch of exciting things cooking but I'd love to know what you think we should work on next. What's the number one improvement we can build to make your work easier? Let me know on [email protected].