Better todo list

Better todo list

We're super excited to let you know that your Wobaka todo list just got a big boost. Keep on reading for more details, or check it out directly on

āœ… Improved tasks

You can now snooze or reschedule tasks individually or in bulk. This is super handy for when you were a bit too optimistic and scheduled too much, or just want to re-organize your list. You can quickly select: Today, Tomorrow, Next week or remove the due date completely. Additionally, you can also set a completely custom date.

Reschedule tasks, easily

šŸ© Wait, there's more

Completed tasks are now properly sorted by date of completion, so it's easy to see your most recently completed tasks.

šŸŽ¬ A little demo

Here's a little demo showing how you can work with rescheduling. This time in our easy-on-the-eyes dark theme.

Task reschedule demo

āœØ That's all for now

But as always, we've got some sweet things brewing. What do you think we should work on next? Let me know on [email protected].