How to get customer testimonials for your SaaS startup

How to get customer testimonials for your SaaS startup

You've heard everyone say it, "Include social proof on your landing page". But what if you don't have any testimonials yet? In this post I'll guide you through how I was able to get my first customer testimonials for Wobaka and how you can get testimonials for your startup too.

Before you even think about getting customer testimonials there's one thing you need, πŸ₯ happy customers. They don't have to be shouting about you on Twitter but you should at least know they're happy users of your service.

Happy customers βœ…

Got it? Congrats! This means that you're onto something special with your startup. Now let's dive into getting your first testimonials to use as social proof on your landing page, in case studies, sales and much more.

How to get testimonials

If people are already spreading the word about you on social media, chances are you can get some testimonials from that. Just make sure to ask if you can use their quotes before doing so.

If this is not the case, then the simplest way to go about getting your first customer testimonials is plain and simple manual email outreach.

Start by making a list of happy customers. These are customers that you have had previous contact with and that you know are happy users of your service. Chances are you already have some testimonials lying around in previous email threads, ready to be approved by them.

If you have a CRM systems, you might already have some customers marked as particularly happy. If not, I really recommend setting up your CRM system to keep track of happy customers. We make this really simple in Wobaka by using statuses and tags.

Once you have a list ready, it's time to start emailing.

In Wobaka you can setup statuses to keep track of extra happy customers easily β˜€οΈ

Email template to ask for testimonials

You probably already talked to these people a couple of times. But when you're asking for testimonials it can be a little nerve wrecking anyway. So just as a guiding example, I'll include a template you can use as inspiration.

Email outreach template for testimonial

Hey Name,

I hope all is well and that you still enjoy using Service!

I'm working on new marketing material and was wondering if you'd be up for writing a short testimonial about your experience with Service?

It would mean a lot, but totally understand if you don't want to.

Your name

Make sure to keep it short and simple. If you already have a quote from them you'd like to use, feel free to include it and ask if you can use it. This way it's even easier for them as they don't have to craft a new testimonial for you and can simply approve or not.

Keep track of which customers you've emailed in your CRM and make sure to follow up with no-replys at least once. Sometimes people are just too busy and don't have time to reply, or just forget. Wobaka makes this super easy, you can create reminders and even schedule automatic follow ups. But if you don't have a CRM you can keep tabs using a spreadsheet.

Different types of testimonials

The above example illustrates how you can use an open question. Answers can be pretty much anything and it will also help you understand what's unique or special about your service. Another way to ask for testimonials is to ask a specific question. For example, Basecamp asked their customers "What changed for the better since you switched to Basecamp". Just remember, keep it simple!


It's important to think about timing before sending an email. Did you just complete a feature requested by the customer? Or maybe you just had some support issues? The timing is not always right. So be thoughtful about when you email.

Good luck

Getting to a place where you even have happy customers to email is a great accomplishment. I hope this guide will help you better understand what's great about your service and acquire some testimonials to use in your marketing material.