How to Never Miss a Follow-up

How to Never Miss a Follow-up

Following up is often said to be the most important thing when doing sales, and I agree. Very rarely do I get a response on my first email. It's often the second, third or even fourth time that we get a discussion going. And no, people don't just answer because they want to be polite, they're actually interested. It's just that they probably get another fifty or even hundreds of emails and just can't manage to answer them all.

How do you make it through the noise?

By following up. Relentlessly following up. For outreach email, for scheduling a demo, for pretty much for every action you need to count on the person not to answer.

Now you're probably wondering how to manage and have time for all those follow-ups, and I'm happy to have some pretty solid advice here.

Whenever you do some kind of action. Always create a follow up with a due date. This makes things super easy. Now you just need to step through your todo list. No more keeping things in your head 😌.

With Wobaka we wanted to make this super simple. It look's like this:

Creating a follow up on Wobaka

And that's all folks. There's nothing more to it. I hope this will give you some peace of mind and maybe even a few leads.

Also, I'm planning to do more of these short texts. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @drikerf.