Improved pipelines, better bulk actions and more

Improved pipelines, better bulk actions and more

We're off to a great start this year. February has just begun and I'm happy to announce that there's now a new, smooth way to keep your pipelines tidy and more kinds of bulk actions to manage your contact list. We've also made a bunch of small improvements. Keep reading or head over to Wobaka and try it out yourself.

πŸ’° Improved pipelines

You can now clean up your deal stage by marking opportunities as closed. It's also easy to toggle if you want to see closed deals or not in the pipeline view.

We've added this so that you can keep things tidy. When an opportunity gets to a deal stage you can mark it as closed any time.

This neat little feature also allows you to track deals for a specific time period, without creating a new pipeline. For example by closing deals by the end of a month, quarter or year. You can see how it works in the video below. Here's to a tidy 2024 πŸ₯‚.

Keeping your pipelines tidy

πŸ₯ž Better bulk actions

We've added support for both changing owner of contacts and changing the status of contacts, in bulk. This makes it super smooth to make big changes to your contact list.

Bulk actions
Bulk actions

✨ Other stuff

That's not all. We've also added support for links in custom attributes. So if you add an URL it will automagically be displayed as a link that you can click on the contact page. This makes it easy to use custom attributes for things like social media profiles or attaching a link to a Dropbox file.

Some other changes include better contact selection with more information about each contact when you relate contacts manually or create tasks and opportunities. The dashboard is faster and we've also made some other improvements and bug fixes.

I hope you'll enjoy these changes and look forward to announcing more features and improvements this year. Thanks for using Wobaka!