Launching Automations 🚀

Launching Automations 🚀

I started working on Wobaka in January 2019 and officially launched the first version in August the same year. Now, after using the system myself for more than a year, making sure to nail the basics, I've added a long awaited feature 🥁. Automations!

Starting an automation — Easy as pushing play

Why Automations?

I believe that small teams can accomplish big things if they've got the right tools. Automations is something that can easily save you hours of work every day. If you've experienced the process of following up manually you know what I mean. Things accumulate over time and all of a sudden you're churning out 100 emails per day and it's taking you hours.

Automations is not some AI replacement either. It's just a convenient way for you to automate the initial outreach and focus on the people who actually have time for you. Like fishing 🎣.

It's a way to put your sales on autopilot and step back in control when it's needed.

What you can use it for

For now automations can be used to create email sequences with a sending schedule. This allows you to save hours from manual outreach and follow-ups. Example of an automation:

  1. Send first email
  2. Wait 3 days
  3. Send second email
  4. Wait 2 days
  5. Send last email
Automation step editor

The sending time will be automatically set to a random working hour depending on your timezone setting. You can use merge tags or replacement tags like {{contact.first-name}} to personalize your emails.

All upcoming emails are shown in the contact feed. They have a blue background instead of white. It looks like this:

Upcoming emails

When you get a reply you simply hit the cancel button ❌ and no more emails will be sent. It's that simple 🌮.

Click ❌ to cancel automation

What's next?

Good question! I have a lot of small improvements I'd like to do for the app in general but in terms of automations I will make it possible to create different kinds of steps like creating a todo, changing contact status etc. Stay tuned 😊.