New dashboard, better automations, collapsable navigation and more

New dashboard, better automations, collapsable navigation and more

We're super excited to tell you about the latest shiny things we've built. Brand new dashboard widgets, collapsable navigation, faster page loads, automations archive and more. Keep reading for details and check it out on Wobaka. ✨

📺 New dashboard

The dashboard has got brand new widgets. We now show you your total contacts count, which gives you a nice overview of how you're growing. We also show an overview of contacts in each status.

The task widget has been replace by your daily todo list, which shows you all your tasks for the day. You can also check them off, or reschedule directly in the widget.

Don't worry, the activity log is still there too. Showing you an overview of all your CRM activity and a streak counter to keep things going 🔥.

New dashboard with total contacts, contacts per status and your daily todo list.

⚡️ Automations archive and faster loading

You can now archive (and unarchive) automations. We've also made the automation pages load much faster.

Running automations keep going even if you archive them. This makes it easy to focus and keep things nice and tidy. Toggle between your archived and active automations with just a click ✨.

Empty archive. Click "Show active" to see your active automations.

👀 Collapsable navigation

You can now collapse the main navigation to get more space on smaller screens. It also automatically collapses on the contact page to give more space to contact details. Of course, you can still decide whether or not to show it, on all pages.

Collapsed navigation. Click on the arrows to expand again. 

🎁 Other improvements

Pipelines now use a monospace font for all deal values which gives it a nice look and feel. We've also updated our logo and made a bunch of small fixes and improvements.

Monospace font on pipeline values.

🔮 Next up

What do you think we should work on next? We have some amazing things planned but we want to know what you think too. Send me an email on [email protected] and let me know.