Two Users on Starter Plan πŸŽ‰

Two Users on Starter Plan πŸŽ‰

TLDR; You can now get, an enjoyable, fully featured CRM system for just $29 per month for you and your co-founder. Keep reading if you're interested in my thoughts about pricing and why I decided to make this change.

I strongly believe that flat pricing is the best model for SaaS businesses. Especially if you're not focusing on enterprise market or are in some other market where nothing else makes sense. Why? Because your customers will have the same value and there won't be a giant hippo (elephants are nice 🐘) in the room screaming for features that won't benefit the other 99% of your users. With flat pricing you can politely tell them that it is not what you believe the products need. With $$$ paying enterprise customers, it's a different story. This is why I'll always keep my pricing as flat as possible.

Nevertheless, a few months ago I decided to add a starter plan to Wobaka. This is because I want to offer a great CRM system for agencies, indiehackers and freelancers just starting out. It used to be limited to having just a single users but as of now, you'll be able to have two users on this plan. That's $14.50 per month and user (or $12 billed yearly!) for a solid CRM to get you started with your business.

Need more users? Wobaka is just $99 per month for your whole company. Not per user. That's a total!

I know, it's not a 100% flat pricing model as I actually have two plans now. Anyway, I really don't want to charge you per user and these plan makes more sense to me. Nobody should have to spend too much time with an ever growing chaotic spreadsheet of contacts and follow ups ❀️.