Automations FAQ

Can I attach images in emails?

Wobaka does not offer the ability to attach images in emails. This is because we want to make it easy for you to succeed with your cold email, and images increases your chances to be flagged as marketing campaign or spam.

Simple, plain emails are also much easier to read, especially on mobile.

Can I attach files to emails?

Files make emails larger and this may trigger spam filters in Gmail, Fastmail and other providers. Keep your emails slim, add links to files instead and use something like Dropbox for hosting them.

People also don't appreciate their inbox being filled with megabytes of images, pdfs and other files.

Should I send follow up emails as replies or not?

We highly recommend following these 4 principles for successfull follow up emails.

No one likes to read huge email threads, so please write your follow up emails so it stands on it's own using a simple reminder of why you're emailing them, and keeping it short and sweet with a single ask.

We have designed Wobaka to help you send good emails. That's why each email in Wobaka is sent on its own and never as a reply to a previous message.

Why do I have to cancel automations manually?

Doing a full email integration, reading your emails and looking for replies doesn't make sense for many reasons. Mainly:

  1. For privacy reasons, we don't think the trade off is justifiable. Compared to other CRM and email software, we never have access to your emails.
  2. When someone replies to your email, you should probably update the contact in the CRM somehow anyway. Then it's easy to just click "replied" on the automation. For contacts that don't reply, you can easily let the automation finish and let your last step be a status change or archival of the contact.
  3. We do not want to support spam behaviour. Don't send more cold emails than you can handle.