The CRM That Makes You Smile

Stay in control
Never duplicate another contact or lose control over your leads. Wobaka makes it easy to stay on top of things.
Save hours on email
Stop wasting your time on follow-up emails. Put your sales on autopilot and step back in control when it's needed.
Built to last
Wobaka is like your favorite craft beer or artisan coffee. Made with love and hand-picked ingredients. No mega-corp here.
Find anything
Find anything
Search for anything or filter by tags and lead status. We also check for duplicates whenever you create a new contact.
Text search
Duplicate checker
All your data in one place
All in one place
What did you send? When were you supposed to follow up? With Wobaka all your contact information and emails are in one place. Available to everyone in your team, anywhere, anytime.
Never miss another follow-up
Never miss a follow-up
Todo lists makes it easy to keep track of follow-ups and stay in control when the pace is high. We'll even remind you in case your forgetting something.
Due dates
Assign users
Search and filter
Simple pipeline overview
Your sales at a glance
Need to find more leads? Or maybe send some emails? We give you your complete sales process in one simple overview.
Activity log
Simple overview
Customizable pipelines
Customize your pipelines
Need one pipeline for leads and another for renewals? No problem. With Wobaka you can have as many pipelines as you like and tailor them to suit your needs.
Kanban view
Multiple currencies
Flexible automations
Save hours on email
Save hours on email by automating your outreach and follow-ups. We know how much time it takes and have made it easy to automate it with just a few clicks.
Email sequences
Sending schedule
At first I didn't think I needed a CRM, but after using Wobaka I see no way of going back. Everything is organized and I save hours on email every day.
Lisa, Co-Founder Gnaarly

You deserve great tools!

Spreadsheets turns into a mess and traditional CRM systems are too bloated with things you don't need. We made Wobaka to help small teams enjoy sales and accomplish more Victory hand.

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