The CRM that makes you smile.

Wobaka makes it easy to manage contacts and follow-ups without losing your mind. How? By focusing on the essentials. Not website builders, blog engines and management reports for mega corps.

Wobaka contacts
Stay organized
Email, notes, todos and all your other info about people in one organized place. No more what's and why's.
Close more deals
Multiple pipelines and todo lists makes it easy to stay on top and close more deals in less time. Don't miss another follow-up.
Built to last
Wobaka is like your favorite craft beer or artisan coffee. Made with love and hand-picked ingredients. No mega-corp here.
Find anything
Find anything
Search for anything by name, company, tags or whatever you like. We can handle it.
Text search
Lead status
All your data in one place
All in one place
What did you send? When were you supposed to follow up? With Wobaka all your contact information is in one shiny place.
Never miss another follow-up
Stay in control
Don't miss another follow up. Keep all your todos in Wobaka and stay in control when the pace is high. We'll even nudge you if you're forgetting someone.
Due dates
Assign users
Search and filter
Simple pipeline overview
Your sales at a glance
Need to find more leads? We give you your complete sales processes in one simple overview. That's what you get when you focus on what matters.
Multiple pipelines
Simple overview
Customizable pipelines
Customizable pipelines
Need one pipeline for leads and another for renewals? No problem. With Wobaka you can have as many pipelines as you like and tailor them to suit your needs.
Kanban view
Multiple currencies

We believe in a different type of CRM

Tired of bad, boring software. We're all about keeping sales simple, fun and effective. Let's summarize!

Need one pipeline for leads and another for renewals? With Wobaka you can have as many pipelines as you want.
Todo lists
Don't miss another follow-up. Use todo lists and reminders to organize your sales workflow.
Wobaka makes it dead-simple to write down actions, information or log calls.
Email integration
Keep all your email history in Wobaka. Setup is just a few clicks using our smart BCC mailbox.
Organize your contacts with tags for super easy segmentation and search. No more lost leads.
Work as a team
Everyone on your team can have their own account and access Wobaka anywhere, anytime.

Stop throwing good time on bad software

Spreadsheets don't cut it and enterprise CRM software is… you know. Get things done with Wobaka instead Victory hand.

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