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Questions you might be asking

What is this?
Imagine your favorite task manager. Now add email integration and contact pipelines to that. That's what we want Wobaka to be like. A simple, yet effective CRM system that will help you close more deals while being fun to use. If you're using Wobaka and missing follow-ups, We've failed.
Why did you make Wobaka?
Being tired of countless of bloated CRM systems and missing follow-ups every day using spreadsheets we decided to do something about it. A CRM system that you'll actually enjoy using. We hope you'll like it.
What's included in the price?
We don't like complex pricing. That's why Wobaka is all-inclusive. One plan. No add-ons, annoying up-sells or extra cost.
But X has a free plan! Why don't you?
We're not a big corporation. We're a small software company that wants to give you the best possible experience and service. This is why we cannot support free users, it would take up too much of our time.
How can I invite team members?
Easy! Just head over to settings. Then click "Users", enter an email and you're all set.
How does the mailbox work?
The Mailbox is a fantastic thing. It allows you to have your emails saved to Wobaka without a complex integration. Whenever you send an email to a lead, add your mailbox address as BCC and it will automagically show in Wobaka. If you want to forward incoming messages, that works too, just forward them to your mailbox address. Make sure to send it with the same email you use for Wobaka.
How does contact statuses work?
Contact statuses are a way to segment contacts. They are totally customizable and you can create and edit statuses as you wish. By default, there are four statuses: Inbox, In-progress, Hot and Customer. It's as simple as that.
How can I archive a contact?
If you want to remove a contact from your list but still keep the history you can archive them. Just click the little box next to them in the list-view, or click "Archive" on the contact detail page. Now they won't show in search results unless you tick the "Archived" box.