Beautifully simple and built to last.

Wobaka is like your favorite craft beer or artisan coffee. Made with love and hand-picked ingredients. We’re human too, and love to talk about software and help you succeed with sales. We also love the outdoors and believe in building a sustainable business. We're here to change things up.
Based in Stockholm, but fully remote and have worked with the web for two decades.
Ever since our first encounter with a CRM system in 2009 we've always been annoyed by the state of it and never understood why they have to be so horrible to use.
In 2019 Wobaka was born and built during early mornings and evenings as a side project.
Today, Wobaka is a profitable and fully bootstrapped business and we're more motivated than ever to make a CRM system that you'll enjoy using.
We look forward to hear what you think and love to listen to your ideas. Just send us an email at [email protected].