We believe that CRM systems are moving in the wrong direction. Instead of making the essentials better they're either focusing on enterpise manager control or trying to be some weird do-it-all platform. The result is often a big, bloated mess. This leaves small and growings teams with no options but to turn to spreadsheets and todo-apps, which oftens ends up like a big bowl of spagetti. No one knows who's doing what, follow-ups are missed and all of a sudden your spreadsheet has 25 columns making it look like something from a bizarre horror movie.

We wanted to make something different. Something that you'll enjoy using. Something that has a clean, simple interface and can be extended and tinkered with by developers using an elegant API without restrictions.

That's why we made Wobaka ‒ Just a great CRM that focus on what matters. Not website builders, blog engines or enterprise report sheets.

A CRM that makes you smile.