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A CRM For Indie Makers
Making money from a product isn't easy. We made Wobaka to help you sell by making it easy to organize leads, keep track of follow-ups and automate outreach. Whether it's a side project or a full time thing, we've got your back.
Track leads
Data entry is simple as a spreadsheet. We've also got tags, todo-lists and kanban style pipelines to keep things organized.
No more what's and why's
Simple email integration makes it easy to keep all your contact data in one tidy place. Accesible anywhere, anytime.
Never miss a follow-up
Following up is essential. That's why we've made it super easy to create follow-up reminders. Simple as a todo-list.
Automate your outreach
Save hours on manual work. Set your outreach on autopilot and step back in control when it's needed.
Unlimited pipelines
Create and customize as many pipelines as you want.
Todo lists
Don't miss another follow-up. Stay in control with todo lists.
Email automation
Save hours with automated email sequences.
Powerful filters
Filter by tags and lead status or search for anything.
Email integration
Simple integration with smart BCC is just a click away.
All in one place
All your contact info, notes, email and todos in one place.
Log anything
Keep logs of contact activites with ease.
Work as a team
Add and remove users anytime you want. No per-user fees.
Priority support
We're looking forward to help you out with anything.
I've used both spreadsheets and other CRM systems but after trying Wobaka I see no way of going back. It's easy to use and I save hours on email every day.
Lisa, Co-Founder Lopplistan
That spreadsheet is holding you back!
I've been there and know the feeling. When I was doing sales for my newsletter I ended up with a 5k row spreadsheet. It wasn't pretty and I probably missed out on a lot of deals because of it. Don't do that!
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