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A Simple CRM For Your SaaS

Automate your email outreach, keep track of follow-ups and stay organized. Wobaka is here to help you close more deals.
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Automate outreach
Create lists and set your email outreach on autopilot. With SMTP integration we've got your back, whether you're using Gmail, Fastmail or something else.
Keep track of email history
Simple email integration makes it a breeze to save email messages to Wobaka. Accessible anywhere, anytime.
Follow-up with your signups
Add your signups to Wobaka using our API. Create follow-up reminders and stay in control.
Customizable pipelines
One pipeline for leads and another for renewals? No problem. Create as many kanban style pipeline as you want and customize them to your needs.
Unlimited pipelines
Create and customize as many pipelines as you want.
Todo lists
Don't miss another follow-up. Stay in control with todo lists.
Email automation
Save hours with automated email sequences.
Powerful filters
Filter by tags and lead status or search for anything.
Email integration
Simple integration with smart BCC is just a click away.
All in one place
All your contact info, notes, email and todos in one place.
Log anything
Keep logs of contact activites with ease. No more whats and whys.
Work as a team
Add and remove users anytime you want.
Priority support
We're looking forward to help you out with anything.
What our customers say
Wobaka is tailored for small businesses. We're here to listen to your ideas and to build a CRM you'll actually enjoy using. Check out what our customers has to say.
I've used both spreadsheets and other CRM systems but after trying Wobaka I see no way of going back. It's easy to use and I save hours on email every day.
Picture of testimonial author Lisa
Lisa Rydhammer,
I was looking for exactly this kind of CRM. Wobaka is the perfect fit for our needs.
Valens Carpentier,
Simply the most minimal yet intuitive CRM system I've used so far! Wobaka helps us keeping track of collaborations and negotiations quickly and efficiently. Loving it from day 1 and continues to be a pleasure to work on!
Picture of testimonial author Andrea
Andrea Messetti,
I've tried way too many sales CRMs that only gave me headaches. When it comes to sales, it's crucial if you like to use your CRM. It feels right when I sign in to Wobaka. It is the same feeling when I use Notion. I love it.
Picture of testimonial author Dawid
Dawid Pacha, Pakiet Wsparcia
Fantastic. Wobaka has the perfect amount of features for me. It does everything I want a CRM to do without having a cluttered UI. I keep the CRM up to date because it's such a joy to use! It's the perfect CRM for solo founders.
Picture of testimonial author Ryohei
Ryohei Watanabe, Eight Values
Wobaka is such a lovely tool! Thank you for building it. It's for anyone who's curious to experience a playful, cozy, and calm way of building and nurturing professional relationships.
Picture of testimonial author Linda
Linda Vinod, Lindavinod
Buried amongst all the bloated and dated CRM platforms is a gem of a product in Wobaka. It is simple, elegant and crafted. They are are responsive to not only my support needs but also my ideas. If you are a fan of emerging products lead by a caring and accessible team that prioritizes the user experience and design and not only acquisition where they can turn you into a number or constantly upselling you along the way, than look no further than Wobaka.
Picture of testimonial author Nam
Nam Nguyen,
Save hours and close more deals
With simple contact lists, email outreach automation, follow-up reminders and customizable pipelines you'll be reaching more customers and closing more deals in no time.
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