SaaS Churn Rate Calculator

Churn rate is an important metric for all SaaS businesses. It tells you how well you're retaining customers in your app. Usually you will to this for a monthly, quarterly or annual period.

How many customers did you have at the start of the period?
How many customers did you lose in the period?
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Churn Calculator FAQ

How is Churn calculated in SaaS?

Churn rate is calculated by dividing the number of customers who churned during a specific period by the total number of customers at the beginning of that period. It's then typically presented as a percentage.

How can SaaS businesses reduce Churn?

SaaS businesses can reduce churn by making customers happy. Improving onboarding processes, enhancing product features based on customer feedback, providing excellent customer support, and implementing targeted retention strategies are all ways to reduce churn in a SaaS company.

How does Churn impact SaaS valuations?

Churn rate can significantly impact the valuation of a SaaS business. It reflects how happy your customers are and therefore how likely they are to keep paying you for your services. Low churn rates are typically viewed favorably by investors and potential buyers.

What are some common causes of Churn?

Churn can be caused by various factors. Poor onboarding experiences, lack of product engagement, pricing dissatisfaction, or better offers from competitors are all common reasons for churn. Understanding the reasons behind churn is critical for reducing it.