B2B cold email templates

We've crafted cold outreach email templates with a relaxed tone, perfect for sparking conversations and building genuine connections in the B2B world. From casual introductions to friendly offers, each template is designed to resonate with your target audience while keeping things casual.

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Introduction with ice breaker

Hey {{contact.first-name}}, I stumbled upon {{contact.company}} and was blown away by what you're doing in the [industry]. As someone who's passionate about [shared interest], I thought I'd reach out. I'd love to learn more about your journey and how we might be able to support each other. Are you open to a quick chat sometime this week? Looking forward to hearing from you! Best, [your name]

B2B Cold Email

Mutual interest

Hi {{contact.first-name}} I noticed that you're into [shared interest], which is awesome! It's something we're also passionate about here at [your company]. I'm reaching out because I believe there might be some synergies between what you're doing at {{contact.company}} and how we could add value. Would you be open to exploring this further over a quick call? All the best, [your name]

B2B Cold Email

Insightful observation

Hi {{contact.first-name}} I hope you're doing well! I was doing some research on {{contact.company}} and came across [something you found interesting]. I was really impressed by [specific detail]. I also noticed that [relevant challenge or pain point they might be facing]. I believe we might have a solution that could help streamline this process for you. Would you be open to a quick chat to discuss further? Best regards, [your name]

B2B Cold Email

Free tool / resource offer

Hey {{contact.first-name}}, I thought you might find [free tool / resource] helpful for [relevant challenge or goal]. Feel free to take a peek! I hope you'll like it. If you ever want to chat more about how we could further assist you, I'm just an email away. Cheers, [your name]

B2B Cold Email

Relatable connection

Hi {{contact.first-name}} I came across {{contact.company}} and felt like we're part of the same tribe. Your approach to [aspect of their business] resonates a lot with ours at [your company]. I'm reaching out to explore how we could potentially help you with [problem]. Interested in a quick chat some time next week? Best, [your name]

B2B Cold Email

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